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How to Play: the C Major Scale on Trombone

Scales might not be your favourite thing, but we’ve all gotta learn them! In this lesson we will learn how to play the C major scale on trombone.

c major scale trombone
*T = Trigger/Valve/F-attachment TT = Both F and Gb valves (bass trombone)

Trombone C Scale Tips

On most tenor trombones the low C will be right on the end of the slide and may possibly have to be lipped down as well. However it is essential that tenor trombonists develop a good low range as it is used in orchestral excerpts such as Mahler.

C major is a deceptively difficult scale for bass trombonists, as getting the tone even around the bottom five notes can seem like an impossible task! Try and get comfortable with playing the bottom D in either position, as I find that context entirely dictates where I play that note in musical situations.


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