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Trombone Books for Beginners

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If you’re just starting out playing trombone, it can be hard to choose the best music books for you. Many trombone books for beginners focus on learning music theory instead of actually playing the instrument. We have collected all the best trombone beginner books that will make learning fun and easy.


Or if you just want to see our top pick for beginner books is:

Essential Elements for Band Book 1

The Essential Elements for Band Book 1 is a valuable tool for young students embarking on their musical journey. It provides effective pedagogy and enjoyable music, with pacing that is carefully calibrated to facilitate progress. The book’s practice activities are ideal for novice learners.

It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn the trombone. Essential Elements includes well-known songs and lessons that are specifically tailored for classroom settings. Moreover, it offers targeted exercises that allow each student to improve their individual skills.

bass trombone method books

Bass Trombone Method Books

Bass trombonists have always had difficulty finding good methods and resources to learn from, probably because of the comparative newness of the modern double valve bass trombone when compared to other brass – especially the tenor trombone.


Or if you just want to see our top pick for bass trombone method books is:

Allen Ostrander: Method for Bass Trombone (and F attachment for Tenor Trombone)

Allen Ostrander: Method for Bass Trombone (and F attachment for Tenor Trombone)

First published in 1948, this study book was created with a bass trombone student at Julliard in mind, making it one of the earliest study guides designed specifically for the bass trombone. While it focuses exclusively on the F valve and related E/flat-F tunings, it remains an excellent resource, especially for intermediate players or tenor trombonists looking to expand their range into the lower registers.

The book features a range of exercises focused on valve use, as well as progressive etudes and orchestral excerpts to help players develop their skills.

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