When asked about the trombone, most people think of a brass instrument that has a slide. Actually, there’s a family of trombones with members of different sizes. Trombones are unique and interesting because they have no strings like guitars, no keys like pianos, or no reeds like saxophones. When playing the trombone, you need to move the long slides.

There are 7 different sizes of trombones, and each size produces its own unique sound. However, you may only be familiar with three of the sizes. Moreover, there are only two trombones that are frequently used in an orchestra.

The following are the different sizes of trombones in ascending order:

– Piccolo Trombone

– Sopranino Trombone

– Soprano Trombone

– Alto Trombone

– Tenor Trombone

Bass Trombone

– Contrabass Trombone

Nearly all trombonists specialize in tenor trombone or bass trombone. These trombones are the two main sizes and the most popular in the trombone family along with the alto trombone. Between tenor trombone and bass trombone, the former is the more popular. When people talk about the trombone, they are likely referring to the tenor trombone.