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How to Play: the A Major Scale on Trombone

A major (huh, get it?!) part of a musicians education is getting familiar with scales – and for good reason. In this lesson we will learn how to play the A major scale on trombone.

a major scale trombone

*T = Trigger/Valve/F-attachment

How to Play: the A Major Scale on Trombone


The high G# is played in a sharpened 3nd position. Practice with a tuner or a drone to learn the exact accurate slide placement for good intonation.

The ‘going against the grain’ from the D to high A can feel a little strange at first, but trust your chops and blow through the partials confidently – though be sure not to push too hard producing a lumpy sound. Aim for a fluent, even tone production.

It is useful to practice playing this scale with the Bs in 7th position even if you have a valve in order to improve slide dexterity and accuracy.

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