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When Mom Isn’t Home Trombone Notes [With Trombone Sheet Music]

Learn how to play When Mom Isn’t Home on trombone!

Based off DJ Timmy Trumpet’s 2014 hit “Freaks”, this video featuring the strange combo of a trombone notes and an oven door became massively popular after going viral on social media – and now you can learn to play the trombone and oven song too!

Originally uploaded as “When Mama isn’t Home”, the video shows a father playing the song on trombone while his son bangs the oven door in time like a kick drum.

How To Play “When Mom Isn’t Home”

how to play when mom isn't home on trombone
When Moms Not Home Trombone Sheet Music

This song is a great introduction to using alternate positions. Try to follow the slide positions marked above the music to minimize large slide movements. You can practice alternate positions with this exercise: Try playing the middle Fs in 1st position, and then move out to 6th and try to match the pitch exactly. After a while you should be able to play them in tune.

If you are a bass trombonist with independent F and Gb valves you can also experiment with playing the whole first two bars in 1st position, using the Gb valve to play the Dbs in 1st.

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When Mom Isn’t Home trombone sheet music

Click here to get the sheet music as a printable .PDF file (Bass clef)

Click here to get the sheet music as a printable .PDF file (Treble clef)


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