A thorough familiarity with scales is an essential part of every good musician’s arsenal. Scales are the basic building material of all tonal music and knowing them inside-out has a massive positive effect on all aspects of your music making. Here you will find guides on how to play scales on the trombone and start your journey towards their mastery!

Major Scales

Bb Major B Major C Major Db Major
D Major Eb Major E Major F Major
F# Major G Major Ab Major A Major

Minor Scales

Bb Minor B Minor C Minor C# Minor
D Minor Eb Minor E Minor F Minor
F# Minor G Minor Ab Minor A Minor


I would highly recommend all brass players purchase a scale/arpeggio book, and this publication includes everything required for the scale part of ABRSM’s grade exams – as well as many helpful editorial tips for preparing them.

A common alternative to the ABRSM syllabus is Trinity, who also require technical exercises in their exams. These books have been written excellently by Mark Nightingale for that purpose and include plenty that is useful even if you’re not planning on taking grade exams.