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How to Play: the Eb Major Scale on Trombone

Scales are an important part of every musicians training and form the basic building blocks of most music. Despite being a crucial part of grade exams, easy marks are often lost due to poor preparation of scales. In this lesson we will learn how to play the Eb major scale on trombone.

eb major scale trombone

*T = Trigger/Valve/F-attachment


The low Eb can only be played with a valve unless played as a false tone. With the valve in use, 3rd position will be further out than normal 3rd – listen carefully for tuning.

The high Eb will need to be flattened (slide pulled further out) slightly because it is a 6th harmonic. Notes on the 6th harmonic are always sharp and slide adjustments need to be made to flatten them.

It is useful to practice playing this scale with the Fs and Cs in 6th position even if you have a valve in order to improve slide dexterity and accuracy.


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