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How to Play: the B Major Scale Trombone

B major scale is an important key for the trombone, with many prominent excerpts written in it. In this lesson we will learn how to play the B major scale on trombone.

b major scale trombone
b flat scale trombone

*T = Trigger/Valve/F-attachment TT = Both F and Gb valves (bass trombone)


The higher you go, the closer the positions get to each other. As it is quite physically taxing to play in the upper octave, alternate it with the lower octaves. Try to hear the next note before you play it so you can adjust the tuning accordingly.

The choice of which positions to use depends on a few things including which notes come before it. Alternate positions are incredibly useful for trombonists, and having a working proficiency with them will make life much easier.

The low B is possibly the most challenging note on the bass trombone. With so much resistance fighting back, it is important to relax as much as possible and blow warm, slow air into the note. Long tones in this register will do wonders for your tone and production.


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