Our objectives…

TromboneTips.com aims to be the number 1 resource on the web for everything trombone. We endeavor to provide content of the highest quality on a wide range of trombone related subjects.

Despite the focus on trombone, this website will also have much to offer for other brass players. We have experience in all kinds of low brass doubling, in every genre from jazz to the British brass band. What’s more, we have lots of musician friends who will be writing posts to pass on their experience to you too!

In addition to this, TromboneTips.com strives to be an engaging and valuable resource for composers interested in writing effectively for brass. Often neglected even in orchestration manuals, the full extent of the brass family is only now beginning to be utilized in contemporary music.

We’d love to hear from you, so for any comments, queries or feedback, please head over to our contact page and drop us a line.