Transcription: J. J. Johnson’s solo on ‘My Funny Valentine’

As a lowly classical trombone student, I’m always looking to expand my musical horizons, and recently this has been taking the form of dipping my toes into jazz.

Regardless of what you study, transcription is great practise for the ears and I’m trying to make a habit of doing it more often!

Here’s a transcription of J. J. Johnson’s solo on ‘My Funny Valentine‘, taken from the album ‘At the Opera House‘ with Stan Getz. This is the mono version recorded at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.

NOTE: Due to a transposition error, the changes are in the wrong  key in the video. They should be in F minor – apologies!

Trombone Break from Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite (Entr’acte)

This month I went on tour with a big band and had a blast playing Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite. This was a perfect excuse to do a little transcription of the solo trombone break in movement 5, the Entr’acte! In the recording, it is played with what sounds like either a closed plunger or a cup mute.

How To Play: Gentleman’s Dub Club – High Grade

My brother introduced me to this excellent UK dub band after he saw them live. Their groove is infectious and they somehow manage to be extremely heavy and chill (or stoned) at the same time! I couldn’t help myself, and had to transcribe both the horn parts and Matt Roberts’ burning trumpet solo. Have a listen here (solo starts at 2:50):

High Grade Trumpet Transcription

Click here to download: Gentleman’s Dub Club – High Grade