How to Play: the Bb Major Scale on Trombone

How to Play: Bb Major Scale on Trombone

Scales are an important part of every musicians training and form the basic building blocks of most music. Despite being a crucial part of grade exams, easy marks are often lost due to poor preparation of scales. In this lesson we will learn how to play the Bb major scale on trombone.

*T = Trigger/Valve/F-attachment      TT = Both F and Gb valves (bass trombone)


The high F will need to be flattened slightly because it is a 6th harmonic. 6th harmonics are sharp in comparison to the equal temperament used on a piano, for example, because of how the harmonic series works. Be sure to listen very carefully to get the intonation entirely correct.

For many bass trombonists the simple major 2nd between pedal Bb and bottom C can feel like a huge obstacle. This is a transition that will take lots of dedicated work to smooth out and you just have to be patient with it!

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  1. Thanks , the lesson is good and it helps the begginer to understand it and also for advanced to get more knowledge concerned to trombone tipa

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